Community Building Through Sports

The month of September saw GLOW Cell Group partner with One Voice to reach out to the Orang Asli. Being close friends of the ministry, its an annual event, coming to work with us! This time the theme was to bring games and sports to impact our Orang Asli community. We started with service at Kg. Air Hitam, worshipping together with the children and adults. The message that was shared was on How To Grow Our Faith. For this, we had Noah & Mark to share their testimonies and experiences. There was also a time of personal ministering where the team prayed for all who came.

The children too had their fair share of fun with craft learning to do origami! It was a new experience for them working with coloured paper and being guided by the team..

Then in the afternoon it was time to commence the games! We split up into 2 teams to run the games and sports concurrently in both Tg. Keruing & Kg. Air Hitam. We were blessed to have a good turnout of 21 adults and about 30 kids in both villages. There was much fun in seeing all of them have fun shooting tin cans, squeezing water using a sponge into a bottle, racing with hoola hoops and the kids having fun with baloons!


It was such a fruitful time of building relationships as there were many new faces that came to join us. It afforded us an opportunity to get to know them better and see the lighter side of people. This is going to be a monthly affair, to involve them in games so that we can bring a welcome change to their daily routine of life. At the end of it all, simple gifts were given to everyone for participating!

On Sunday, we gathered for service in Tg. Keruing. We shared the Word and heard testimonies to encourage everyone present to rise up in their faith in God.

There was a time of personal ministering as well because all of us need prayer to be part and parcel of our lives.

The children in Tg. Keruing also got the chance to learn how to do origami with the team. Ps. Jacquie facilitated this and got everyone of the children involved. Craft is a wonderful way of letting children express themselves and discover new things.

We give all glory to God for a wonderful weekend!!

We are thankful to Fronterra Malaysia for sponsoring 80 packets of Anmum Milk for infants and children. It was truly a blessing for the families, both in Kg. Air Hitam and Tg. Keruing.