Ministry in Jhapa

After we completed ministry in Itahari, we headed over to a rural part of East Nepal called Jhapa, which is about 2 hours from Itahari. In Nepal, church services are held every Saturday. However, on this occassion, 2 churches decided to come together and move their regular service to Sunday specially to accomodate us. Jhapa is a place where not many people go for ministry due to the distance. We were blessed to be greeted by 110 people that came together for a 1 day program of Understanding The Seasons of God.

It was an eventful time of learning and ministering as we engaged them in drama and brought out their acting talents!

After having lunch together, we continued teaching and ended with a time of prayer. We taught them how to pray according to the Word and to confess the promises of God upon their lives, believing that He is faithful to fulfill them.