Ministry in Morang

On Sunday, we ended our ministry in East Nepal by having a Youth Seminar. The purpose was to teach them as youths to understand the seasons of God in their lives.

We were blessed to have more than 50 youths come from all the churches in Pathari Morang. We made it lively and fun with them by getting them to understand the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead and also King Saul.

We had a few rounds of asking questions and blessed the winners with our books that have been translated into Nepali.


As we ended the program, we taught the youths about this year being a year of the mouth and how they should pray by confessing the Word. After showing them how to do it and the principles involved, we spent sometime putting it into practice. It was truly heartwarming as the Spirit of the Lord took over and all could feel a tangible presence of God manifest itself. Many were literally crying out to God and connecting with Him. All Glory To God!