Christmas Celebration

December was when we celebrated Christmas at our OA villages. We had 2 celebrations. The first was in the morning at Kg. Air Hitam.

We prepared a host of snacks for them as well as goody bags for the children as well as provisions and gifts for 33 families.

As a team, we presented 2 drama's. The first was depicting Jesus as our gift of love at Christmas. We then had a magic show about the wise men and the gifts they brought to Jesus.


At the end of it all Hello Kitty made a surprise appearance to the joy of everyone! Then we presented each one with the gifts, goody bags and also a blessed draw!

Then came the evangelistic celebration at night held at Tg. Keruing. It was attended by about 120 people. What an opportunity we had to present the gospel message and teach them about the reality of Christmas. Everyone was glued to the drama and skits.

The highlight of it all was the nativity play we prepared the children to perform. It was such a joy to see them give their best! All the parents were smiling, seeing their children act and have fun at the same time!

Sunday service at Tg. Keruing was a joyful experience. We worshipped together and spent time praying to thank God for another year of favour.

The children too had a wonderful time of closing the year by having their time to learn and do craft work.

Finally, as a bonus, we presented all the kids with an opportunity to have fun with sparklers and just laugh and enjoy themselves. It was truly a fitting way to close the year. All glory to God!