Starting A New Year

Our monthly outreach to the Orang Asli village was held again in February.

As usual we had childrens ministry in Kg. Air Hitam and also service with the adults.

As part of learning and coming out of their comfort zone and being shy, we got the children and adults to act out the bible stories they heard. The children acted out Joseph being sold by his brothers while the adults did Abraham sacrificing Isaac.


n the evening, we planned a photo shoot and make over for KgTg. KeruingWe gathered the children and adults together. The theme was Created By God. With Ps. Jacquie a,ron d and Gloryoing the make up and hair-do, the results were just wonderful!!!! Joshua and Uncle Bala styled the guys with various hair-do's.

Next month we will develop all the pictures and place it in a frame for each one of them, to remind them of their beauty in God's eyes. What an experience they had posing and feeling good about themselves!

Sunday was service at Tg. Keruing.

It was a blessed time gathering together to worship God together and fellowship.