Starting A New Year

January marked A New Year for all of us. So it was wqith our OA village. We headed back there to spend the weekend at both villages to share the gospel and fellowship together. We had a weekend of new things that we planned to undertake!

One of the things that we are doing with the children and adults are getting them to discover their talents and come out of their comfort zones. To achieve this, we are getting them to act out the bible stories they learn during service. This time for the adults, it was the miracle of the multiplication of 7 loaves and a few fish as stated in Matthew 15. The children learnt about Noah's Ark! What a joy it was to see them act it out with our assistance! There was truly a sense of freedom and joy in doing something new!

We ended with a time of fellowship with some cakes that a friend of the ministry sponsored for everyone!


In the evening, we planned a photo shoot and make over for Kg. Air Hitam. We gathered the children and adults together. The theme was Created By God. With Ps. Jacquie and Veron doing the make up and hair-do, the results were just wonderful!!

Next month we will develop all the pictures and place it in a frame for each one of them, to remind them of their beauty in God's eyes. What an experience they had posing and feeling good about themselves!

Almost all of them never had pictures taken like this!!

Sunday morning was service in Tg. Keruing where we worshipped together. It was a great experience as the adults also dramatised the story and had fun playing different roles!

It was also heartfelt to see the adults pray and intercede for their families and village, praying for a move of God. The Spirit of the Lord was truly present as we prayed together for an open heaven.

The children too had a great time of learning about Noah's Ark and depicting the entire story complete with masks and even an ark! Truly this year promises a new move of God among the Orang Asli!