Practical Missions

October saw us take our Mission Impact School students for their practical exposure trip. It was a weekend they would spend reaching out and fellowshipping in our Orang Asli villages.

The 5 of them i.e. Veron, Joshua, Calvin, Shenez and Lorrain were tasked with preparing a short skit on the Good Samaritan as well as organise games for the kids and adults.

They did a wonderful job with the skit and helping us with the adult service and children's ministry.


Games with the adults and children in both Tg. Keruing was fun and brought smiles to everyone!

we also served them with snacks and drinks to refresh themselves.

In Kg. Air Hitam, everyone was excited with the activities and games planned. The adults and kids joined forces and had a great time.

It was also a wonderful experience having the village head accept Jesus as His personal Lord and Saviour! As he prayed the sinners prayer, such a peace overtook him. In his own words he said that it was a feeling that was different...something he could not explain...!

Sunday was a day we looked forward to as we planned to have water baptism for the new believers. The MIS students prepared a short practical and visual explanation of the 5 colours of the gospel.

Then all the church members walked while worshipping God to Abang Sulong's house where we conducted the water baptism in a huge water tank! What a joyous day it turned out to be with 4 new souls added to the kingdom!