Serving God in our lives revolves around meeting the needs of people that surround us in our everyday life...we being vessels driven by the love of God. HOPE Street Ministry accomplishes this by meeting the needs of the homeless people that live in the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

We always begin the entire program by giving praise and glory to God Almighty by singing and worshipping together with our friends and making real the presence of our living God. The sharing of the Word this time was preceded by a drama showing the reality of people carrying unwanted baggage in their lives such as hurt, dissappointment and lack of love that causes them to be sad and unproductive. Only Jesus has the power to take every baggage and give us a new life filled with freedom and security.

All our friends listened attentively as the scripture was brought to their attention about Jesus and how He alone is all we need in life. In Him lies the future that God has destined for us. We took time too pray for all who were there to feel the love and healing touch of Jesus.

After the food was served we enjoyed a time of fellowship and fun by playing a couple of games. The intention is to make our friends enjoy the time the have with us and for a moment in time, help them laugh and mingle with one another. The first game was a test of creativity as to how a sheet of newspapers can be shaped and made into a hat that can be worn.

What a joy to see creativity unlocked...Then came the balloon blowing game...a game that brings out the child in everyone!! Of course the best part of it is when the winners get their prizes!!


This week too, we had the services of 8 Days Hair Salon who came once again to bless our friends with a good haircut. All in all we had a good ministry in reaching out to the homeless so that they can find a home in Jesus. We thank God for continuing to grow this ministry and use it for His Glory!!