Yet again on Saturday, HOPE Street Ministry reached out to our friends in Kuala Lumpur. It is really a joy to carry out this ministry and see lives being blessed and touched. Since we always begin with a time of worship, hearts are always prepared to meet God and songs of praise prepare the way for God's Word to come forth.

The Word this time was shared about the power of miracles and how when one experiences the power of God, we must in turn tell others about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Anita, one of our volunteers took the time to share about how God healed her son several years ago, and how that experience changed her life. We then took time to lay hands and pray for a miracle to happen in the lives of our dear friends.

As we distributed the food after a time of worship and prayer, we commenced the community service for the day.

This time around we had Vista Eye Specialist to volunteer their services and time. Two of their employees, Bernard and Lily, conducted an eye check up for our street friends to check for gloucoma and also for the use of spectacles, which they sponsored. Prior to the test, Bernard, the representative from Vista, explained the signs and symptoms of gloucoma and the dangers of it. We were blessed to have specialists at hand to treat our friends.

While the eye check up was on the way, we had some fun with our friends. We got them to play some games in teams against each other and a sense of joy and laughter prevailed. The winners were given gifts to cap off a great day with God and sharing His love.

All glory goes to God as HOPE street continues to make inroads into people's lives and magnify the name of Jesus. We also thank God for the services of many organisations such as VISTA who help us meet the needs of the people who are dear to God.