Our fortnightly ministry of serving the homeless people in Kuala Lumpur is an initiative to bring the saving love of Jesus Christ to the world. It is our belief that with the power of the Holy Spirit and a passion for Christ, we can with God's anointing succeed in Helping Other People Excel. As we lead our friends in the act of worshipping God through singing, it is a time that they open themselves to experiencing the reality of God's love and presence.

As part of our Aspire To Inspire program, where various groups are given the opportunity to volunteer their time to serve alongside us, the Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre (MRLC) youths were with us. They were lead by Ps. May Kow, the principal of the school together with her husband Bro. Chris. They performed a dance before the Word was shared by Ps. Jacquie. We then laid hands and prayed for all those who were there.

Every week we have some community service that is provided for our friends, and this time around it was hairstyling by 8 Days Hair Salon. The team of 6 hairstylist was lead by Mr. Jordan. They gave our friends a new look that resulted in many smiles and younger looking people!! We thank God for businesses that come forward to volunteer their time and skills to bless the people that need it.

While all of these were going on and sour friends were enjoying a meal of nasi lemak, all those that had a need for spectacles after the previous eye check were handed their respective eyewear.

Then it was time to engage in fun and games that always brings a sense of enjoyment to all present. As the team from MRLC explained and conducted the various games they had planned, excitement and laughter filled the air! There were winners too who were rewarded with gifts for the efforts.

All in all we thank God for MRLC and 8 Days Hair Salon for being part of HOPE Street Ministry. Please do continue to pray that many will come to know and accept the name of Jesus as we labour for His Kingdom. To God Be The Glory!!