In the month of March from the 19th till the 21st, Issachar Academy conducted a 3 day training at the Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre (MRLC) for close to 50 students. The title of the program was DISCOVERING THE WILL OF GOD. We had 7 learning sessions to help the younger generation discover the call of ministry in their lives.

The students who had an eagerness to learn and discover their purpose in life, were attentive to every session and began to seriously look at their own lives to find their personal calling and destiny in Godís Kingdom. We took the time to open up Scriptures and help them see all the different ministries and to seek God on their personal calling in life. We also had some practical activities.

The entire program ended with a time of worship and infilling. Many of the students began to understand their purpose and calling in life as Godís Spirit arrested their hearts to serve Him. We had a powerful time of outpouring of the Holy Spirit and we give all glory to God for the tremendous way in which He moved and touched all those who were present.

With a follow up session to be held in early April, our desire is to journey with them and help them grow in their individual ministries. It was wonderful to see ministries being birth within this younger generation who will be the leaders of tomorrow. To God be all glory!