During our last visit in August 2013, we had the grace to minister at Jesus Calls and this time around, we were invited to return and continue to preach there for 4 separate services over 3 days.

This prayer tower in Moosarambagh, under the leadership of Bro. Isaac Ramana has an amazing group of prayer warriors and a great following of people.

On Friday night, we ministered at their Healing & Blessing Meeting. On Saturday afternoon, we were back there again for another Fasting Prayer Meeting. On Sunday Morning, we ministered for their morning service and in the afternoon, Veron and Anita shared Godís Word at their U-Turn Youth Meeting.

Godís spirit moved in such a powerful way as prophetic words were released and healings were called out and confirmed by those it was spoken to. We were blessed as much as they were. To God be all glory. The atmosphere is somewhat different at Jesus Calls and we experienced how the power of prayer can release the presence of God in a tangible way.