In the month of July, One Voice was blessed to be able to have a professional artist conduct a 3 hour art workshop at the Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre (MRLC) in Taman Miharja. The artist, Bro. George Daniel, conducted a class teaching the students to paint on tiles.

The students listened attentively and were focused on their individual masterpieces. They were taught the basic principles of painting and given insights on techniques and styles employed by painters. As the students got on the project of coming up with their own designs based on the theme of Malaysian Batik, the results were a sight to behold.

Indeed it was an afternoon well spent, as Bro. George took some time to encourage them to build on the knowledge gained. Indeed it was apparent that these children had the artistic gift in them. He also shared his life testimony on how he came to know Jesus. With impaired vision, God has given him the gift of painting and sharing this gift with people who want to learn.

We also had a volunteer student with us who assisted throughout the workshop. William, was a student of Ps. Jacquie during her teaching days prior to going into full time ministry. As part of his higher studies, he needed to complete some community work and chose One Voice. It was a blessing to have William with us. At the end of the camp goodie bags were handed out to the students and Ps. May Kow who overseas MRLC, prayed a prayer of blessing for Bro. George and William.

We thank God for the opportunity of sharing knowledge and skills to be imparted to the younger generation so that their future will be all the more glorious in Jesus!!