The month of June was a siginificant milestone in our outreach to the Orang Asli village in Pahang. It was a weekend that marked the naming of the church and birthing of something new in the midst of our friends that are loved by God. The name that was given after much prayer and waiting upon the Lord was GEREJA KASIH KARUNIA TUHAN (GRACE OF GOD CHURCH). The theme that this church is based upon is IA YANG MENJANJIKANNYA, SETIA (HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL) based on HEBREWS 10:23. Now that most of the physical refurbishment is done, we are readyy for the next phase of reaching the villagers with the love of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday afternoon, shortly after arriving and having lunch, we began our MOVIE WEEKEND. In the afternoon, we gathered all the children for the screening of 2 animated children's show i.e. Joshua and the walls of Jericho and Gideon. Veron was on hand to explain and prepare the children who were excited to watch the show! There was a quiz at the end of the movie and the children did well to answer the questions...

In the evening, it was time for the adults to have their screening. As many of them gathered to watch the film entitled BUAH KESABARAN (THE FRUIT OF PATIENCE), it was an opportunity to speak to them and explain how God blessed those who patiently wait for Him. After the movie, we took time to individually speak to the adults and pray for them.

Sunday Service saw an attendance of many new faces. As we sang and praised God, it was great to see the Spirit of the Lord draw many to come and experience His love. The children and adults sand their hearts out and joy was evident!

As the adults were on a series of teachings intended for them to BE STRONG in the foundations of God, this week it was to teach and explain the 10 commandments. As Ps. Justin explained it to them using signs and gestures using both hands, they were quick to grasp and understand what was taught.

Ps. Jacquie and Veron taught the children about the different attitudes that fill the heart of a person. They explained it by relating actions to animals. This was followed by a time of art and craft where the children got to show on their creative side.

As we ended our weekend at the village, we blessed the children and adults with clothes. All in all, it was a weekend where much was achieved and marked a new phase in our ministry with God's treasured people. All Glory Belongs To Him Alone!!