On the 4th week of May, One Voice travelled to Pahang again for our monthly outreach to the Orang Asli community we adopted. It is something that we all look forward to as we spread the gospel and make inroads into the lives of our God's dear people.


This time we started on Saturday afternoon with the children. Our task over the weekend was to teach them the 10 commandments and to get them to remember it in order. We covered the first 5 on Saturday with a craft activity to make the learning process fun! The children did well to remember all that was taught using actions and demonstrations.

Sunday service or Kebaktian Bahasa Malaysia, started at 10am with all the adults as welll as children. After a time of praising God through worship, the adults and children separated for their time with the Lord. For the children, it was phase two of the 10 commandments with art and craft. Our team also dramatised the story of Jesus healing the 2 blind men in Matthew 9. It was to realize that the same Jesus who worked all the miracles in the bible is the healer even today!

As for the adults, we embarked on a series of teaching the basics of Christianity. It is a 12 lesson series that we aim to accomplish by next year to equip our friends in various aspects of the faith. The series is entitled BE STRONG. The first was learning and discovering about God The Father.We also took the time to pray and minister to the families that were present. The children on the other hand had an exciting time learning the 10 Commandments and with the help of their teachers in the form of Veronica, Han Wei, Anita and Luke. They were also tested on it and all passed with flying colours!!

At the end of the day, the children were given a goodie bag and they went home with the artwork that they had completed on their own!

It is such a joy to see the church slowly growing and everyone learning and maturing step by step in the knowledge of the Word. It is truly heart warming and all made possible by the Grace of God!! Glory To God In The Highest!!