In the month of March , Issachar Academy conducted a 3 day training at the Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre (MRLC) for close to 50 students entitled DISCOVERING THE WILL OF GOD. We subsequently conducted a follow up program a couple of weeks later with the students whereby we initiated an outreach program for them to embark in to put into practice everything that was taught.

It was here that Salt And Light Ministries was born. The students were divided into 4 ministries according to their passion and call i.e. Worship, Intercession, Evangelism & Mercy. Their task was to reach out to some Myanmarese families who were less fortunate around the area of Taman Miharja and bless them with household provisions. To help them achieve this the 4 ministries worked together in raising funds and spending quality time in their ministries praying and working towards this. It was a joy to see them gather after school once a week to pray and prepare...passion was being birthed and formed in these youths.

True to their assignment, the students reached out to familes that were in need of God in their lives. The gospel was preached to them and the love of God was manifested by the students in reaching out selflessly! Each family was given the provisions and prayed for individually. What a joy it was to see the birth of a new work in MRLC! This is the start of many more outreaches in the future that are already in the works. To God Be All The Glory!