On day two of the camp, after morning devotion and breakfast, we all made our way back to the OA village to paint up the community centre. It was so amazing to see the students work together as a team and demonstrate their love as leaders to spruce up the place.

The interior and exterior was painted and new plants were planted outside the centre. Snacks were provided for all the children as they returned to the centre to fellowship with us.

As the children began to develop a closer relationship with us, Some even enjoyed sitting with our teachers to learn from them and some fun tutoring classes were instantly started. They even helped the teachers organize all the books for the resource area. In all things Godís love was demonstrated in a powerful way.

With half the day gone, we returned back to the resort and headed towards the jungle for 2 hours of trekking and lake crossing.

Towards night, we gathered again for a time of worship and the next session for the students to grow as leaders. Ps. Jacquie shared on Gideon and the 3 qualities of a Godly leader. Principal Tan then prayed for all the prefects as the session closed.

On day 3, after morning devotion, we had some other team building games and a time of testimony for the students to share their experience on how God touched their lives. Prizes were then given out to the different groups that excelled in various way.

We left after lunch and had a safe journey back to KL. We thank and praise God for all that transpired and then way in which God moved to change everyone life in a different way. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!